Teen therapy

(This section is for teens. Send your parents here.)

Hi There! 

I created this page to give you the inside scoop of what it’s like to work with me. I bet there is A LOT going on in your life.  Maybe you’re dealing with the pressures of

My office serves as YOUR SPACE to process these experiences and receive unconditional support. You may find it helpful to get feedback about life's challenges from someone who isn't involved in your personal life. Talking through issues in a safe space has shown to help teens feel better and make healthier decisions.  

While we work together, I will help you develop positive tools to combat negativity in your life. I will also be an advocate for your growth and work with your family to help them best support you.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.  I look forward to meeting you!

school and your peers * dating * your first job * becoming more independent

curious about your self-identity * planning your future * or experiencing family conflict. 

Most common teen issues addressed in my office:
  • Quality of Relationships and Social Life

  • Self-identity, Self-esteem, and Confidence

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Mischievous Behavior

  • Life – School Balance

  • Family Conflict

  • General & Social Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Taking on more responsibilities, Independence


parent guidance

(Typically in conjunction to Teen Therapy Sessions)

If you are feeling stressed about parenting your teenager, you are not alone. Countless parents feel overwhelmed or helpless when things start to go awry during these years. Perhaps your teen is beginning to act in ways you don’t understand, or they are struggling socially or academically.


I believe to best address these issues a teen needs an open, honest, supportive, and meaningful connection with their parent. For this purpose, I provide parent guidance sessions in conjunction with individual teen therapy.

During these sessions, I will collaborate with you to help solve the issues you’re experiencing with your teen. You will receive direct feedback about how to interrupt negative cycles with your teen, better connect, and support their growth.

To discuss this service further, please contact me directly. To learn more about my approach to parent guidance click here.

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