Congrats on your upcoming wedding and future together!


Marriage is the most rewarding and challenging relationship to maintain. I applaud you for considering premarital counseling at this time. It shows that you value the health and foundation of your relationship. No matter how far in advance your wedding day is at this point, premarital counseling can help you feel supported during this transition and prepare you for the obstacles to come.

How I may support your journey:

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, I specialize in working with couples to create and maintain life-filled relationships. My approach aims to address your current concerns, while helping you understand your specific relational dynamics on a meaningful level. My intention is for you to enter into marriage feeling confident, insightful, and powerful.

I am trained in emotionally focused therapy, which is an attachment-based model that focuses on the patterns of interactions within couples. This approach has proven to aid couples in identifying and improving the patterns in their relationships that have negative impact.


I am also a certified SYMBIS facilitator.  This premarital assessment provides an in-depth review of your current relationship dynamics regarding your:

  • Money Methods

  • Personalities

  • Family Background

  • Conflict Types

  • Responsibilities

  • Expectations

  • Communication Styles, and much more

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Additionally, I am a Twogether in Texas provider. This means you receive perks from the state if you complete at least 8 hours of premarital counseling with me. Perks include waiving the $60 marriage license fee, as well as the 3-day waiting period after receiving the license.

Throughout our work together you will:

-Create mutual goals and resoluations for your marriage

-Improve and build communication skills

-Better understand each other's needs

-Decrease marriage anxiety

-Address current issues and plan for potential hardships

-Understand how each partner's family background impacts your relationship

-Receive safe, sincere, and reliable counsel along with skills training

Premarital Counseling Options:

  1. Twogether in Texas

Complete 8 hours of counseling to receive perks and certificate. You may schedule standard 50 minute sessions, or 2 hour sessions.


  2. Flexible for You

Schedule sessions at your own pace, as needed. From my experience, it takes about 6-8 hours of counseling to adequately address most premarital topics. If you choose this option and end up attending 8 hours of counseling, you may also receive Twogether in Texas perks.


Complete online assessment following intake call. This option is coupled with either of the above. 


To learn about premarital counseling fees click here


If you have any questions, please contact me. I am happy to provide a free consultation for you and your partner.

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