Family Therapy

If you sought out this page, you are most likely familiar with the “ups and downs” of family relationships. Growing as a family is a magical process that provides a tremendous amount of joy and love. From teaching your first child to walk to eventually planning movie dates with the grandchildren, the adventures and memories are endless. Unfortunately, many families experience conflict along the way.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I strive to aid families in managing life transitions and familial stress effectively. My belief is that conflict does not define a family system, it is how well people are able to adapt and support each other that does. From my work I have found that families often put honest effort into attempted solutions that simply do not work.


Family therapy with me allows space for healing as we address your current challenges to discover real, applicable solutions. I practice from a family systems perspective, meaning I aim to incorporate as much of the family as I see beneficial for therapy, and really focus on learning the specific characteristics and functions of your family system. With this approach, I have successfully helped families experience peace and harmony within their homes.  

Common issues addressed in family therapy:

  • Family Transitions – blending families, adoption, having children, adjusting to parental roles, relocation

  • Managing multi-generational boundaries and stressors

  • Financial Issues

  • Child behavioral/emotional concerns

  • Grief and Loss

  • Negative communication patterns

  • Effective Parenting Practices


If your family is experiencing a challenging situation and ready for change, contact me at 512-387-4855 or for your free consultation.