therapy for adults, teens, couples & Families


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Searching for relief? Chances are you answered “yes." While stress accompanies everyday life, there is a critical point whenever it becomes burdensome and damaging. That’s when I can help. Therapy with me provides a safe space for you to develop new strategies to better manage life and the stress that comes with it.

I am passionate about providing  

insightful therapy to individuals, couples, and families who are seeking healthier and happier ways of living. My work may be described as collaborative, supportive, kind, and powered by my clients’ goals. Whatever your concerns are, we will focus on your specific needs and develop strategies that fit YOU best.​

I personally understand that managing life can sometimes feel like you're climbing a mountain. I look forward to helping you climb those mountains. And let me tell you, I can’t wait to see you at the top!

Simone Reed, MA, LMFT